Our Mission

It is the policy of D & D Group Ltd and its subsidiary companies to provide products and services to our Customers which meet or exceed their reasonable expectations. Satisfying our Customers with the appropriate level of quality is a primary goal and a fundamental element of our business mission

Our Values

Being among the safest, most customer-focused and successful Excavating and Hauling, Equipment Sales Company in Western Canada.


D & D Excavating was founded in 1986 by Dean and his father Harry Omeniuk. The Company hauled gravel with their two trucks on various jobs in the Winnipeg, Manitoba area. D & D operated out of a small shop north of the town of Birds Hill Manitoba for several years, and then as they acquired more trucks, loaders, etc. the original location became too small and for a year or so D & D rented space in various locations around Winnipeg.  In 1998 D & D moved back to East St. Paul to the current location at 2853 Gateway Rd. (Birds Hill Industrial Area). The D & D fleet has expanded to include several Trucks equipped with End Dump, Belly Dump as well as Low Bed, Drop Deck and Flat Deck Trailers. Various Backhoes, Loaders, Dozers and Packers are also now part of our equipment inventory. 

Over the years D & D has acquired experience and success working with Railroads, Utilities, Road Construction and General Excavating and Hauling while also accommodating intense Environmental Remediation Situations and Custom Hauling requests as well as Snow Removal. Our operating territory has expanded to include jobs from North West Ontario to Saskatchewan and Alberta.

In 1997 the D & D Excavating expanded to create a Truck, Trailer and Equipment Sales Operation known as The D & D Group Ltd. 

In recent years Dean has welcomed his two Sons Derrick and Clinton into the Operation and Management of the D & D Group of Companies and continuing the hard work and customer focus that has contributed to success to date they look forward to more progress in the future.